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Archive for September 2008

New Baby toys are here! YAY!

September 30, 2008

Lol. Ok, yall, CP has come out with new plush penguin toys, and I got a sneak peek of a rockhopper penguin, a blue penguin with a viking helmet, and a penguin with a messenger bag! They’ll be coming to Toys R Us on Oct. 24,┬áso head on over to by yourself some dolls! Jk […]

Pretty Much everyday cheats

September 30, 2008

Simple yet satisfying. Ok the lolipop pin is at the Lighthouse people. Oh, and here’s something special. If you check the newpaper, turn to the Aunt Arctic Article. Don’t worry you ain’t gonna have to read, but hover your mouse over Aunt Arctic’s pic in the left hand corner. Her glasses turn into spy glasses! […]

Grab and Spin Ticket Cheat

September 30, 2008

Ok, for you all lazy bums out there who wanna who like what twelve thousand tickets in like 2 seconds well I got a cheat for that!(Yeah im that awesome! jk) Ok, go to the Dock and play grab and spin. Spin the wheel once, and then press tab (don’t hold down, just touch) until […]

Fall Fair is here!

September 30, 2008

The fall fair is finally here! The catch is that you have to earn thousands of┬átickets to get all the prices(especially if your a member). CP put out old and new games from last year to earn tickets. Now, I know some of yall are too lazy to actually play any games, so I got […]


September 30, 2008

Hey penguins! I, dojond1, is gonna be bringing you the latest news and cheats from CP! Comment me please! Make my day!